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YAB Luxury Beauty Parlour
Corporate Branding
Identity Design
Brand Guideline
India, South India
Beauty and Luxury /

The Project

Not every day we get a chance to work on a premium branding for a luxury beauty parlour. We were fortunate to get such an opportunity to push our limits and work out a minimalist and feminine design for the client.

YAB – You Are Beautiful. The name explains itself that the brand belongs to the premium category. Team Capio unified a set of elements associated with love to create a minimalist and poetic logo design.

Colour pallete
Colour Approach

Premium Range

Minimalist & Feminine

Our deliberate choice of pastel shades that suits the luxury brand attracts its target customers quite well.


The client demanded a minimalist design which exudes a sense of luxury and yet magnetizes a wide range of audience.

  • Easy-to-remember logo
  • Luxurious appeal
  • Target female customers

Our Approach

We had to employ a different dimension of our faculties, because we knew that, it was really hard to please our target audience this time! We cherish the fact that the result came out with flying colours and the project was indeed a pleasant experience.