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Subhavan Villas and Resorts
Print adverstising
Creative Campaign
India, South India
Luxury Resorts /

The Project

- "Being Eco-friendly" is the thought for the millennium. Unfortunately, when it is carried forward to a construction project, the idea often gets compromised. Subhavan Villas & Resorts, on the other hand is an eco-friendly initiative in Wayanad that not only preserves the pristine nature in all its glory but also enhances the experience for tourists and nature enthusiasts.


In the first place, the initial print ads themselves had to be noteworthy in such a way that potential lead generation and the subsequent business conversions should be made possible.

  • Attention grabbing ad concept to hook the target investors
  • Ad that instills nostalgia that can touch the audience deeply
  • Go Green Concept had to be brought in
  • Highlight their USP which was ‘harmless construction in the lap of nature.’

Our Approach

Prioritizing the demand of the client that the essence of the whole project has to be conveyed at a glance, Capio came up with a well-executed design for a full page ad that attracted a great deal of attention. The design predominantly communicates the notion of harmless human intervention in the lap of nature. The mud house miniature that dominates the design had been crafted manually by the team and macrophotography was employed for its visual efficacy. The front page ad earned a substantial number of leads for the client and Team Capio has always been proud to be a part of such massive gains.