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Merry Makers Food Processing
Brand Naming, Branding, Gift Boxes
India, Middile East
Food Branding / Consumer Product

The Project

Merry Makers is a premium brand of homemade chocolates which can never go out of context. The brand serves its products for all kinds of festive occasions especially in the form of gifts for weddings, engagements, corporate functions, farewell parties and the like.

Our aim was to place the brand under premium class through its unique look & feel. Be it a wedding party or a corporate event, it should suit all kinds of festive occasions. The icon, style and colours chosen for the brand are very particular in meeting this purpose without affecting its premium look.

Colour pallete
Colour Approach

Chocolate / Gift

Every joyous occasion has its own aura of love, affection and unity in it. Therefore, Capio insisted on bringing these elements to the mood of the brand.


The brand identity was primarily dependent upon what would interest the audience who belong to the first-class category. At the same time, it must also cater to the tastes of a middle class audience.

  • Minimal colors with bright tones
  • Packages must be able to do in craft papers
  • Identity must be easy to install in signages for franchises

Our Approach

This had not been a challenge at all as we could instantly figure out what a celebration mood would look like, as a result of which we could come up with a set of awesome package designs.