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European Doner
Branding, Take away Packages
India, Bangalore
Food Branding / Cafe Branding

The Project

We puzzled out the ultimate solution to meet all the demands of our client. They were in need of an exceptional branding to place their brand internationally. Our creative team took up the challenge and developed an awesome visual identity for the brand. Here you go!

TThe brand identity has been derived from the brand name EUROPEAN DONER n an elusive way. In the brand acronym, we choose to skip the first letter 'E' of the brand name and use the second letter 'U' instead. The modern generation has already begun to overthrow the conventional language practices and the brand follows nothing but modern languages. UD in itself has an element of novelty which exalts the brand to an internationally acclaimed premium range.

Colour pallete
Colour Approach

Fast food

Hot & Cool

The colour palette was selected so as to suit the fast food category. It primarily attracts middle-class audience especially the youngsters.


Client was looking for an identity that can attract the youngsters of tier-1 cities. Also the brand should easily communicate what it actually stands for. It must be adaptable so as to design outdoor signage conveniently when the brand branches out to myriads of franchises.

  • Minimalist colour palette with bright tones
  • Package designs must be adaptable to craft papers
  • Convenient adaptation of identity in outdoor signage for franchises

Our Approach

These challenges were not a big deal for Team Capio as we have always been passionate about food branding and had worked for many national and international projects.