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Rifath Rahman
pubslished on
MAY 10, 2020


COVID-19 isn't just a challenge. It's much more than an opportunity to show the world that we can survive no matter whatever comes our way. An opportunity that falls within a set of limits, but at the same time, that which helps us operate beyond our limitations. To be more precise, this is the time, not to exploit but to explore; the time when we have to stay united by practicing physical distancing; the time to use timely business tactics such as suitable PR & Branding strategies that can go along with the contemporary situations.

Branding & Digital Marketing

First of all, one must know that for a brand, there is no good or bad time. There would only be market fluctuations. It's true that COVID-19 has affected many major countries and businesses quite adversely. However, an entrepreneur's perspective must be futuristic and he should plan ahead of the normal times after the crisis and the market booms in future. Our target audience is likely to be grounded for an uncertain period of time as different parts of the world are under complete lockdown. They're no more in a position to buy and use our products. So what is the whole point of advertising at this moment? But looking on the bright side, our customers have plenty of time now and they are active online. Today's advertisements can reach more number of people than ever. Therefore, each and every brand should spend a considerable quantity of quality time and investment to create brand awareness especially through digital marketing platforms.

What should be the Ad Content?

In this digital era, nobody advertises anymore. Everyone engages and entertains the audience through social media platforms. Never miss a chance to keep your social media accounts live and active. Bring in unique and novel creatives, supporting Governmental and Healthcare initiatives so as to raise awareness and to encourage more interactions in the pages. Spread energy, positivity and confidence through your pages.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Every entrepreneur and every professional must consider this as an opportunity to express your brand's / company's social commitment which can in turn help your brand sink in its roots in the minds of the target audience. But we should abstain from conventional marketing techniques during this period of uncertainty. You may use various CSR activities to build and increase brand awareness and to win over new customers. Assure them that you are and will always be there with them in their good as well as bad times. We must also understand, all these actions pertain to a passing phase and all our timely actions form a part of disguised marketing which will contribute towards establishing the brand identity and to enhance the brand image, rather indirectly.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Don't forget to support the backbone of your company, your workforce. Keep them motivated and support them in these adverse situations. If situations get harder, ensure that you present the status genuinely before your employees. If you believe that their trust in your company must not be betrayed, they will definitely respect your words and will respond positively. Such actions will speak louder than words because, you'll definitely be remembered for your good deeds. Thus, we can be prepared for all those better tomorrows in business.

Rifath Rahman