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Corporate Branding
Identity Design
Brand Guideline
India, South India
Luxury /

The Project

The client came to us with a dire need of branding their vision of serving a range of audience well acquainted with social media and the latest trends, in a way that makes the brand stand out.

Colour pallete
Colour Approach

Premium Range

Feminine & Jovial

We selected a combo of bright and elegant tones to match the brand's vision which is to provide an unparalleled shopping experience through the uniqueness and quality of their products.


Client’s demand was ‘a premium look with minimal presentation style’. Several meetings were conducted before we finalized our design so as to leave no chance for dissatisfaction.

  • Easy-to-remember
  • Luxurious look
  • Primary focus – Female customers

Our Approach

The client was sure of what they wanted but was clueless about how to get it done. But Capio took it easy and derived inspiration from the most beautiful concept of ‘smile’ which evidently represents what the brand stands for.