Well. We are happy to share our brand story with you. Before that you are likely to have a number of doubts regarding branding, rebranding, why should one go for rebranding? Is rebranding a good option for your brand? etc. Let us have a closer look of what a rebranding is.


We say rebranding as revitalizing of your existing brand. The reasons mostly fall into two category. Proactive and reactive.

Proactive rebranding

If we rebrand by foreseeing our brand possibilities, its a proactive one. Some of the reasons for this type of rebranding are,

1.Predicted growth

2. New audience

3. Relevancy

4. New business line

5. Globalization

Reactive rebranding

If we rebrand as a reaction to a particular event, its ofcourse a reactive one. Let us find some reasons for such rebranding.

1. Legal issues

2. Negative publicity

3. Mergers, acquisitions and demergers.

4. Outdated image

5. Competitive influences.

Why Capio Interactive changed to

Obviously. The first one. Proactive rebranding. Being aware of our huge potential and as a part of our expansion to global market, Capio needed a make over. A fresh look for a greater sense of brand unity.

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How we done it?


A great rebranding starts with even greatest plan. Every rebranding should start with a clear understanding of the reason behind it. Team Capio had a thorough and independent research on the brand and its objectives. As this is a proactive rebranding the whole process was needed to be planned based on that. The first step was conducting a detailed study on:

• What our current customers opinion, their needs and wants.
• Competitors’ products and services.
• Our team’s view about Capio.
• Our brand assets.
• What all should be our brand promises.


Communication is the backbone of team work. The objectives, findings, and aims were subjected to open discussion. The team was then divided as Reforming cadre, Rebranding cadre and Relaunching cadre.


The reforming cadre over a detailed discussion, finally rebranded using the name CAPIO instead of Capio interactive by considering the simplicity, ease of use and to maintain the novelty.

Why it is #?

We know your curiosity for the logo. The reasons for we chose the logo are many. ‘#’ is a simple character we most often come across and may be it is the only character which is sufficiently self identified. But there are many more reasons for choosing the logo #. Team Capio links your ideas with your brand like # tag links your requirements with results. Being a branding and advertising agency, three most important tasks involved are designing, developing and marketing. All the three categories come across # during their execution. In designing and development # is a commonly used character in coding. Then considering digital marketing, # tags are very popular too. So we thought why can’t we use it as our identity for it is the most related and relevant character in current tech world.

Team Capio makes the best story for the success of brands. Each task is a well written story which will be later executed as pre-planned. Choosing a theme well related and relevant to our area of expertise gives a wide scope for applying the rebranding techniques. So the theme “Story making ‘’ later turned to be an extensive topic for our Rebranding Cadre. So from the roles we are playing and the theme we followed, we call ourselves as “THE STORY MAKERS”, the best title for our proficiency in dealing your brands. The Rebranding Cadre developed the theme and gave it a shape. The highly talented and creative team took the tasks of turning the name to logo and the remaining design concepts. The logo is designed by following an entirely new concept by ensuring it to be a standout in structure, colour, pattern and font. A customized font is used to denote the brand name CAPIO. The colour combo we chose was orange, white and black.

Challenges we faced

The ‘#’ is very common and the theme chosen was unique but extensive. The rebranding was very much challenging for we had to give ‘#’ is a unique identity. The theme "story making" had to be followed in website, social media, stationeries, marketing collaterals etc. The team applied the theme so well in each and every segment that it blends really nice and makes the brand ready to implement in global market.

CREATIVITY created the rest

Many of us are unaware of the importance of stationeries as sales tools. So they needed to be strongly presented in our brand strategy. The business card is the prime thing we have to consider since they are our first marketing tool after a branding or rebranding. Team capio brought an entirely new and creative concept in business card. “Most business cards have a reach limited to your wallet after their first view.Only a few of them are the turnkey to success. Let this be one.” The copy in the business card conveys a relevant message. A different style of presenting the brand beautified by doodles. The doodle art illustrated in stationeries is a fresh theme with each one depicting a story. The collaterals are our signature items which showcase our stunning creativity at the fullest. Also the website is revamped by making it simple and impressive which strictly follow the theme “Story making”. The relaunching cadre is behind the implementation of rebranding. The team planned the launching in ground breaking ways through all the possible platforms including social media to make our beloved clients aware of our new image and potential. As a part of rebranding our highly creative folks are categorized as #Creatives, hyper active brains as #Developers and thunderous launchers as #Enhancers. The rebranding was truly a treasurable experience for the whole team for it boosted our mastery as the trend setters.

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