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Bad time is good time to invest

Abdul Gafoor
pubslished on
April 26, 2020

Do you think, now is not the right time to invest in advertising?

Sorry to say, but you're wrong! Let me tell you why. Before I begin, I must tell you, it's not the right time to market your product. But you may market your brand and increase your brand values instead.

How to increase the brand value during these trying times?

First of all, one must know that for a brand, there is no good or bad time. There would only be market fluctuations. It's true that COVID-19 has affected many major countries and businesses quite adversely. However, an entrepreneur's perspective must be futuristic and he should plan ahead of the normal times after the crisis and the market booms in future. Our target audience is likely to be grounded for an uncertain period of time as different parts of the world are under complete lockdown. They're no more in a position to buy and use our products. So what is the whole point of advertising at this moment? But looking on the bright side, our customers have plenty of time now and they are active online. Today's advertisements can reach more number of people than ever. Therefore, each and every brand should spend a considerable quality of time and investment to create brand awareness especially through digital marketing platforms.

What should be the Ad Content?

Preparing the right kind of advertising content is really important at this point of time. Currently, the direct marketing of a product or service will affect the brand negatively. Instead, pass quality information to our audience and create a brand awareness. For e.g. an apparel brand should not showcase their products but may focus on preparing content such as 'how to keep clothes clean?', how to be hygienic and stay protected from diseases?', etc.

Similarly, a restaurant, should not market their new menus. Instead, they may recommend different recipes and cooking tips that anybody can even try at home. The content should be very useful so that we can create a hugely positive and long-lasting impact in our business.

To conclude, people will remember you in their good times if you stay by them in their bad times. Stay home and stay safe.
Abdul Gafoor